From the recording Lady of the Lake-Winter's Eve

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The Homecoming - Union Valley

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The Homecoming – (Words and music by Lisa Lawson). The song reflects the return of our own spirit to its centering place of the soul.

Union Valley – (by Lisa Lawson) I wrote the reel Union Valley in 2010 after camping at Union Valley Reservoir in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


The Warrior returns from his sacred quest tonight
World weary, thirsty, he longs for her sweetness
In his eyes are the fires of sorrow
In his heart the love that he held through the pain
She comes and leads him to her forest bed
And there they bind and break
The threads that pull with sorrow

The lovers lay under the forest canopy
She glances into the shifting darkness
Seeing nothing, returns to the sweetness
To the light that their love has revealed
And paused beside the forest bed
Caught up in the fragrance of their love and laughter

An owl calls in the fragrant darkness
A whisper of branches speaks of their pleasure
Renewed, the lovers cherish the sweetness
They rise, hand in hand through the mist of the dawn.