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The Year is Born Anew - Cluck Old Hen - Kitchen Girl

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The Year is Born Anew – (by Lael Whitehead) This song was written by Canadian singer/harpist Lael Whitehead, who plays in the bands Jaiya and Banquo Folk Ensemble.

Cluck Old Hen (Trad.) -- This Appalachian fiddle tune in Dorian mode was first transcribed in 1886.

The Kitchen Girl (Trad.) This Appalachian tune was performed by Virginia fiddler Henry Reed for the collection Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier, collected and popularized by folklorist Alan Jabbour in 1966, when Reed was over 80 years old.


The winter wind is blowing strong
The frost is on the tree
The night intones its dreary song
The meadow wouldn’t see
But the fire is bright and our delight
Waits not for summer sun
We’ll feast and dance and sing this night
Till our revelries are done

So play your pipe so sweet my lad
And lassie, sing your tune
And bring us there to make us glad
For the year is born anew
For the year is born anew

The world has long laid in the grip
Of winter’s icy fist
Out of doors the cold of nip
The hides of man and beast
But here within the blazing heart
Will keep our blood from chill
And the table piled with such good fare
Will keep our bellies full

Now winter keeps us from the fields
The plow it rusty lies
The earth no fruit or grain will yield
While the stormy wind it cries
But soon the year will have a lamb
And the spring buds they will form
And Johnny and his Mary Ann
Once more the woods will roam